What YOU can expect from us?


Jeanstar is equipped with both traditional and CNC machines, and we embrace the sintering technology that significantly enhances the metal properties and reduces the cost. 

Thanks to our  specially developed material combinations and PM (powder metallurgy) process. We found the perfect material, which has the density from 16 to 18.6 g/cm3, and suitable for secondary mechanical operations and finishing by electroplating processes to make parts like rotors or other application. 


Cost Reduction

In order to exceed our customer’s expectation in cost, we are continuously improving our practices in different ways:

Enhance our industry know-how 

Achieve economics of scales 

Push the innovation in materials and processes 

Improve communication to avoid unnecessary costs created by misunderstanding, cultural faux pas, etc. 

Tailor-made solution

You, the pioneer who wants to differentiate yourself by providing unique designs of oscillating weights to serve as the ideal base for a personalized movement could always find the solution with us. 

From concept to reality, we are experienced from small-scale prototyping to mass production. Matured technologies and processes, effective communications make sure the low cost of ownership. 

Trust & Reliability

Integrity is the primary core value of Jeanstar.

For more than 30 years, we make tremendous efforts to treat carefully all the information through out the whole design, manufacturing processes. And we have proved to each of our customers and partners that we are the trust worthy and loyal partner.